Attention Spore - Phoenix Roadside Marketing Attention Spore - Phoenix Roadside Marketing
Wanna Get Noticed?

Wish you had more eyes on your prize or more minds on your goods?

Experienced impression maker available for hire.

You've seen the sign twirlers and human directionals before. They do grab your eye - in the sea of signs a person merits more attention..... but they only grab your eye for a second, never quite long enough to truly intrigue you.

I am an independent performance artist with years of experience commanding attention and creating unique, lasting impressions. I combine amazing dance, acrobatic & twirling skills with physical comedy, and always throw in a dash of stunning, and often cheesecake-y, costume and theatrical make-up design. I am noticed.

In my hands your message will be remembered.

Find out more about the Endless Possibilities of Attention Spore Roadside Marketing
I often create new characters/costumes or performance bits for a variety of events and businesses. Custom themed work is sooooooo encouraged. Opening a new restaurant? Have me as a bikini-clad robot emerging from a cake only to bellydance on top and swallow the very fire from the candles. Check out some of my Phoenix based entertainment work.

Your new customers will thank you.